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Eclipse MicroPen EVO

Find Reliable Skin Treatment at
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Eclipse MicroPen EVO

Find Reliable Skin Treatment at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte

Beautiful, Natural-looking results.

Eclipse MicroPen® EVO

If you have been chasing fine lines and wrinkles, are on a hunt for a true solution for acne or surgical scars, or simply looking to improve your skin’s texture, tone, and color, the pursuit stops here. Available only through medical professionals, the new Eclipse MicroPen® EVO boasts technology much like that of Eclipse’s revolutionary MicroPen® Elite in that it addresses all these concerns, but with an added powerful technology for collagen induction therapy. This means you get the benefits of skin correction from the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO, plus collagen stimulation, at the same time and at the same appointment. It’s clinically proven to be safe and effective, affordable, and treatments have minimal downtime and discomfort. MicroPen® EVO is safe for most skin types and is known for it’s beautiful, natural-looking results.

How Does it Work?

From treatment of melasma and acne scars to enjoying a refreshed appearance from smoother, tighter skin, Eclipse MicroPen® EVO is quickly becoming the preferred choice for those looking to enhance their appearance without surgery or downtime from extensive aesthetic procedures. In the past, patients seeking proven collagen-boosting results could only achieve long-lasting, noticeable results through procedures administered from large, complex laser machines, usually within a series of multiple appointments. Most patients who receive Eclipse MicroPen® EVO treatments can achieve the results they want in a single visit, thanks to advanced technology harnessed into a lightweight, technology-packed, hand-held device.

Eclipse MicroPen® EVO Treatments

Eclipse MicroPen® EVO treats age spots, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation (melasma), acne spots and scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of dull, “tired-looking” skin. It can be used on the face, neck, décolleté’, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and neck—the areas that often reveal the most tell-tale signs of aging and sun damage.

What MicroPen® EVO Treatments can do for you

One of the most exciting perks of the Eclipse MicroPen® EVO is the immediate results patients experience. Patients can see a “glow” to their skin as soon as the procedure is finished, and visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several weeks. Results continue to improve up to six months after the treatment. Some patients only require a single treatment in one visit just once a year to achieve noticeable results. However, most dermatologists recommend that patients receive a series of two to three treatments space six to eight weeks apart for best results. For patients with significant skincare concerns, such as deep acne scars, it is recommended to receive six to eight sessions at six-week intervals.

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