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Acne: Your Treatment Options from your South Charlotte Dermatology Practice

Acne is known to be one of the leading causes of confidence issues in Charlotte women. Top dermatologists give you different ways to treat acne according to your skin type.


The most common spots where you will find acne are on your face, chest, upper back, etc. This is where you sweat the most and this is also where people tend to have the most acne. One of the ways to treat acne is by taking medications like antibiotics. Antibiotics help by killing skin bacteria and by reducing inflammation on the skin. The antibiotic can treat the acne in about 3 to 4 months depending on its severity. These antibiotics are called topical antibiotics and clindamycin and erythromycin are some of their kinds. These are applied directly on the skin and stop bacteria from entering your pores. A Macrolide antibiotic is also good for people who can’t take strong medications like pregnant women and children.

Light therapy

Another way of treating acne is by doing light therapy. Light therapy is an advanced method of technology used to rejuvenate skin and heal wounds with the use of different wavelengths of light. This light can stimulate the collagen in your skin and help clear it. Dermatologists often recommend it to people with eczema and severe acne. Its main task is to slow down cell growth which causes these skin problems. The therapy takes about 30 minutes and can last you about 4 weeks and three months. Another great benefit of light therapy is that it will not only treat your acne but will also treat your wrinkles and make your skin glow.

Some home remedies

if you don’t want to take any prescriptions you can try using some home remedies like washing your hands and face twice a day using gentle soaps or cleansers, avoid using products like face masks or scrubs as they can make the acne worse, and try using creams instead of oils as they can irritate the skin. You should also protect yourself from the sun. Some acne medications cause your skin to become sensitive so it is more prone to sunburn. One of the most important things to remember when having acne is to never touch it. Itching or popping an acne pimple can cause scarring and can also slow down the healing process.

Find top Charlotte dermatologist for acne

Taking care of your skin is our top priority. After all, it is what gives you the most confidence the moment you wake up and before you go to bed. We want to make sure you do absolutely everything you can to keep your skin looking like perfection. If you have any queries related to your skin or you’d like to get evaluated to set up a good skincare routine that works best for you, contact Dermatology Specialists of CharlotteCharlotte’s top Ballantyne, and Blakeney Dermatologist, for your dermatology care.

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