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Body Contouring

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Body Contouring

Find Reliable Body Treatment at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte

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Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a term that describes various methods to reduce fat, increase muscle tone and overall reshape problem areas.  Treatment options include more aggressive strategies like liposuction to non-invasive options using heat or cooling to melt fat.  Newer devices exercise muscles to build muscle tone and muscle mass.  Best results occur when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

ALLURA™ Laser Body Sculpting

If you’re interested in slimming your contours quickly, FDA-cleared ALLURA™ laser body sculpting may be the ideal treatment for you!

ALLURA is a minimally-invasive form of laser liposuction that works best on smaller areas of stubborn fat deposits that are unresponsive to exercise or non-invasive methods of fat removal.  In addition, skin tightening around the treated area helps to maximize the overall results.

Exilis Ultra

EXILIS ULTRA uses monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to heat tissue causing tissue tightening and body contouring.  Advanced Skin Cooling allows EXILIS ULTRA to target heating of tissue from 2mm to 2.5cm in depth. Deeper tissue such as fat and collagen can be targeted at various depths which is most effective for significant fat reduction.  Removal of ½ inch to 2 inches in circumference of the treatment area occurs depending on treatment site and amount and depth of fat present. This is best for small areas of excess fat.  It is often combined with Vanquish ME to enhance results in larger areas.

Vanquish ME

The Vanquish procedure is a revolutionary device for painless, non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring of larger areas such as the abdomen and thighs. Vanquish uses a Selective RF system that delivers energy into the body to eliminate fat cells. The device never comes in contact with the skin. Instead it is positioned around you to deliver energy into areas of stubborn fat.  Vanquish targets the stomach, love handles, thighs and problem areas that diet and exercise don’t fix. Lose inches with Vanquish with just four weekly 30 minute treatments. 

This is often combined with Exilis Ultra with is a combined radiofrequency and ultrasound device that targets smaller areas of excess fat and also provides skin tightening of the treated area.  Often the Exilis Ultra treatment is done first, followed by the Vanquish device to enhance results.  A 3rd device, Cellutone, uses vibration to remove the melted fat faster.

Body Tone

Build toned muscle and burn fat with our 3-phase body toning system.  Our body toning treatment uses bioptic impulses through a series of different waveforms to replicate the effect of normal exercise by flexing and contracting your muscles, helping you burn fat and build muscle.  In 30 minutes, your muscles are warmed up, then toned to improve muscle definition and shape and finally the workout reaches maximum intensity that builds muscle. Six treatments are recommended with periodic maintenance treatments as needed.  This is great if you can’t get to the gym or other health or time issues prevent you from working out.

Patients who are looking for an easy way to lose fat and are not willing to diet and exercise to maintain their results will be disappointed.  Poor diet and lack of exercise will allow more fat accumulation negating the effect of any fat removal as with any fat removal technique.

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